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It’s the moment we’ve all been working and planning for since the day we opened up our first savings accounts: retirement! Retirement is like a permanent vacation. How will you choose to spend yours? Will you travel the world or buy your dream home? How much money can you spend each year to feel financially stable and independent? New Millennium Group is here to help you navigate through these retirement planning questions.

Today, pensions and guaranteed sources of income from employers aren’t as common as they used to be, so preparing for income strategies in retirement may seem more challenging.  It doesn’t have to be. We help guide our clients to a retirement strategy that takes their needs and goals into account by identifying revenue streams and providing options for new ones.

In the creation of your plan, we’ll help you consider the realities of today’s retirement as they relate to your retirement needs:

  • Modern medicine allows us to live longer, meaning we’ll likely need our nest egg to last longer too.
  • Even slight inflation could potentially diminish our portfolio’s purchasing power, so it’s prudent to take it into account.
  • Our spending needs in retirement may not decrease.  In fact, they may stay the same or even increase. A realistic budget may help ensure the longevity of your portfolio.

Then we can discuss your income level in retirement:

  • What other sources of income do you have, like a pension or Social Security?
  • How soon after retirement will you need to start receiving income?
  • Do you want to leave something for your family when you’re gone?
  • Are you expecting an inheritance at some point in the future?
  • Are you done working, or are you only partially retiring?
  • How much income will you need on an annual basis?
  • Do you have savings tucked away anywhere else?

Retirement is arguably the most important set of financial decisions you make in life. Why not have financial professionals by your side throughout the years? Take Social Security for example. FICA has taken money out of your paycheck your entire working life and you deserve the maximum benefit. There are actually strategies you can take advantage of to help increase your benefits substantially. We’ll guide you through them so you can be confident you are collecting the legal maximum.



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