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Koby Glazier

Portfolio Manager, CPA 

Starting from his roots in Salt Lake City, Koby’s path led him to serve a Church mission, pursue education at Brigham Young University in Economics and Accounting, and embark on a career in accounting, first in Atlanta and then back in Salt Lake City with Questar Corporation. His dedication and expertise eventually led him to a high-level position overseeing financial reporting to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

After retiring from Dominion Energy, Koby seized the opportunity to spend more time with his family and pursue his passions, including traveling with his spouse and enjoying outdoor activities like hiking and golfing. His decision to join New Millennium Group as a portfolio manager shows his ongoing commitment to success and his desire to help others achieve their financial goals.

Koby’s blend of experience, skills, and enthusiasm is a valuable asset to his role, where he leverages his expertise to benefit our clients.

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