Be Thankful for Retirement Planning

It’s almost Thanksgiving, and if you’re hosting this year then you know that preparation and organization is key to a successful feast. First, you need to know how many mouths there will be to feed, then figure out what kind of meal you’re going to serve them. Does your aunt like butter in the mashed potatoes? Will the kids throw a fit if there’s no mac and cheese? Never mind things like food allergies, grocery bills, or a family tussle over who’s bringing the pumpkin pie. On top of all that you need to have everything timed out so the food will hit the table on schedule. As you can see, coordinating a Thanksgiving dinner is challenging and requires the necessary preparation.

Planning a big holiday meal like Thanksgiving is not much different from planning for your retirement. You might have a picture in your head of what you want to achieve, but getting there means organization and time. You have to account for the unexpected – whether it’s a lurch in the markets, or your niece not telling anyone that she’s bringing her new boyfriend. You need to manage your assets and play into your strengths, be it your signature drizzled asparagus or making selections in your company’s 401(k) plan. And, whether you’re prepping dish after dish or working day in and day out, you can accomplish your goal if you stick to your plan.

Just like every good recipe, your retirement plan needs to be well thought out and contain the right ingredients in just the right amounts. Putting it all together is what goes into designing a comprehensive retirement plan and it’s just part of how we help our clients achieve their retirement goals. If you want to learn how we can help you create a comprehensive retirement plan, the Click HERE to request your complimentary, no obligation financial review. During our meeting, we’ll discuss your lifestyle and financial goals and show you how we can help design a personalized retirement plan just for you.

So on this Thanksgiving, make it your goal to spend less time worrying about retirement and more time making a family meal to remember.