Maybe You Can Buy Happiness After All

Everyone knows that you can’t buy happiness. It’s a saying as old as money itself, and despite what decades of advertising have tried to tell us, it’s mostly correct. There isn’t a single soft drink, or car, or perfume that’s going to make everyone feel happier over a long period of time. And yet, it turns out that old adage might not be as true as we used to think. A new study from the National Academy of Sciences has determined the one purchase which makes almost anyone report higher levels of happiness over a long period of time. No matter your age or social status, this thing can make your life better. Do you know what it is?

It’s “time.” More specifically, time-saving services that let you avoid having to do things that you don’t like to do. And, it makes sense. Even as incomes are rising throughout the developed world, people from the U.S. to South Korea report having less and less free time to spend with their families, pursue their hobbies, or just sit back and breathe for a while. But if you can bring in a maid to clean around the house, that’s one exhausting chore for which you no longer need to carve out hours. And if you can get someone else to mow the lawn, or buy your groceries, that’s even more time to spend on what matters to you. It’s a principle that a child could tell you: fewer chores means greater happiness.

As you’re getting ready for your retirement, you’re probably looking forward to a time when you won’t have to do most of the biggest chores of all – things like your job, your commute, your work emails, and more. But retirement doesn’t mean that the day-to-day chores like scrubbing the bathroom and doing the dishes disappear. If you’re someone who doesn’t enjoy those kinds of tasks, you could find yourself filling every day in retirement with menial work that just doesn’t make you happy. Worst of all, setting yourself up for a happier retirement is a massive chore in of itself – saving up enough money to afford the kinds of time-saving services that might make you happier in your golden years requires planning and financial knowledge.

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